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Dream Journaling Was Hard.
Not Anymore!

Imagine you're waking up, wanting to record the dreams you had that night, but are just too tired to take the 15 minutes to do it. While fighting with yourself, it fades away.

Another lost dream!

It doesn't have to be this way...

DreamFort - The No‑Fluff Dream Journal

Now imagine only doing 2 taps and adding a few keywords.
A lot easier. Much faster.

With the 2-step design, you can jot down keywords about your dreams after waking up, and enter the rest later.

The keywords will help you remember the dreams much longer, so you can write down the whole story when you're fully awake.

Select mood, dream kind and jot down keywords

30 seconds

Document the whole dream

As much as you need

Pure Focus

You want to focus on your dreams. And so do we.

DreamFort is from the ground up designed to facilitate rapid and effortless dream journaling.

No ads, no annoying popups, no in-app purchases! You download it and get the fully-featured app.


With keywords integrated in the workflow, tagging is a breeze.
As long as keywords are added, they'll be automatically displayed as tags.


The profile page shows a breakdown of the types of dreams you have. Be on the lookout for updates, it will be revamped soon!


Simply use Siri, state of the art dictation technology made by Apple.


Your data can be exported simply and effortlessly with 1 click.


Your dreams stay on your device! Nothing is sent anywhere. Dreams are very private things, and we treat them as such.


No one gets access. Since dreams are stored on your phone and nowhere else, people would've to get access to your phone first.

Completely free, no ads, no registration!

DreamFort can be used out of the box. No setup or login necessary.

Stop forgetting dreams.
Start using DreamFort!


We're listening to you. If you're missing a feature, found a bug, want to praise us, or have general remarks. Whatever it is, we want to hear it!

Either give us a (hopefully positive :)) review in the app store, or send an email to feedback@dreamfort.org.